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Summer holidays and hill station destination is always first choice for people. One of the secret peak points known as Dhanaulti is our target of the day. This tehsil of Uttarakhand is just 24 km distant from Mussoorie another best hill station of India. Chamba is only 31 km far so overall you can enjoy complete two months’ holidays if you have planned to visit Dhanaulti.

The altitude of such town is 2286 m and famous for its quiet environs alpine forests of Rhododendron, Deodar and Oak.


As its hill station summer, will be best period to visit, though the climate conditions in summer are pleasant compared to other tourism destinations. The temperature between 30 °C to 35.5 °C in summer and in winter its between 7 °C and -1 °C.

Attraction in Dhanaulti:


The key attraction of Dhanaulti, though there are two eco parks in the town named as "Amber" and "Dhara". If you mix them, it will become Amber Dhara which means road from cloud. These recently developed parks will state you about the clean and green city Dhanaulti. Once you reach the park you can hire Guides, Service providers, Gardeners or Information Providers to learn more about this wonder place. Jungle with Deodar Trees are famous here and you should pay only Rs 25 as fee for Adults and Rs. 10 for kids. Here you can also enjoy the adventure sports facility like walking over flying fox, Burma bridges, riding horses and some more.

Eco Huts:

Forest Department of Mussoorie is running Eco-huts that help visitors to learn the importance of greenery in our life. Tourist can enjoy serene landscapes of town Dhanaulti by spending some time in these Eco huts. Such huts are built of green technology with all Eco-friendly features.

Surkanda Devi Mandir:

An oldest temple located at 8 km from Dhanaulti is next spot to visit. Temple is at road connects to Chamba so once you are at temple connect the route and reach one more best tourism spot Chamba. Surkanda Devi Temple is popular Ganga shrine and big occasion is Dussehra.

Aaloo Khet (Potato Farm):

Government Potato Farm is next scenic view spot of Dhanaulti. This farm is covered with greenery surround and its easily reachable from the city bus stand.

Activities in Dhanaulti:

Camp for travelers:

Hill stations in India are all time favorite for camping so as Dhanaulti is offering to their visitors. Frankly speaking there could be accommodation issues at place because of less crowd and not known place to the world. Funding to the spot is less, but still you are getting option of camping at Dhanaulti. It is adventures and best way to learn nature as well so if you can book accommodation then also try for camping first. Just imagine spending time under open sky can never be compared with anything else.

Nature Walks:

The green lush region surrounded with deodar and other types of trees are special parts of the town. It is the perfect spot for hiking and you will find quite few trails to enjoy nature walk.

Shopping Center:

This special town of Uttarakhand is not highly developed so you will get limited areas. However, buying something from amazing spots are part of memorable trip. So, get something from the local shopping centers of Dhanaulti. Items that are popular of town are handmade shawls, scarves, stoles and throws. These items are cheaper compared to quality used and for sure you will not get such items in cities or your home towns.

How to reach Dhanaulti?

This Indian tourist place is 325 km away from Delhi which means you will reach the destination in 8 or 9 hrs. following road trip. Closest big airport is Jolly Grant at 82 km located closer to Dehradun.

By Road: State transport is providing buses for Dhanaulti from various part of nation. However, still public transport is limited, but you can hire private taxis from Dehradun, Chamba and some more cities of Uttarakhand. You can also hire taxi from Delhi but it will be quite expensive, but you can enjoy the beautiful route of Uttarakhand once you follow the road trip.
In doubt to select spot for vacations? Go Ganpatipule for holidays. It is one of the tourism places of India located at Maharashtra famous for beaches and temples. Ganpatipule is a small coastal town with big beach. Its beach is full of red sand and knee-deep water. The best part is enjoying the nature swimming pool as the seashore is not that deep for some part. However, it’s a big sea beach so bit careful once you enter in the sea.

If you are aware of route to Ratnagiri, then just follow the same for Ganpatipule. One of the important Indian tourist places Jaigad Fort is also 25 km away from Ganpatipule. There is one big Ganesh temple named as Swaymbhu temple and the city itself is having religious name. If you split the city name you will find Ganpati that means Ganesh and Pule means area. Devotees believe the idol of Lord Ganesh placed in the temple was originated from the ground. Winter is pleasant weather and best period to visit, though summer is full of humid and heat.

Attraction in Ganpatipule:

with limited places to visit the city is inviting visitors to make their holidays memorable. Each spot is special with best hospitality so plan your trip for Ganpatipule. You can plan secretly and surprise your partner with package to Ganpatipule.

Ganpatipule Beach:

The beach with red sand and knee level water is specialty of the place. It is a bit rocky so you must be careful while entering the sea. Resort and lodging is available for you near the beach that means spend more time and enjoy the high waves.

Swayambhu Temple of Ganesh:

The temple of 400 years is next spot in city to visit, though people believe the idol placed in the temple is 1600 years old. Rhymetic beats are easily audible from the temple and Diwali is the main celebration period here.

Jaigad Fort:

Another spot but very impressive for visitors is Jaigad Fort. However, its 25 km away from Ganpatipule, but here you can enjoy the sea shore and can watch the meeting point of Shastri River into the sea. Fort is built on hills so view of sea from fort is amazing compared to any other spot of the city.

Jaigad Lighthouse:

This lighthouse is basically a defensive part of the fort situated on the top of hill. The view is paranomic and Jaigad lighthouse is amazing place to visit. Once you reach the fort you can easily attain to this lighthouse as well.


A native village close to Ganpatipule famous as Marathi poet’s town. One of the famous kavi's Keshavsoot was from Malgund, though it also the green place and famous for white sand and beach as well.


A green town famous for ashram of Swamy Swaroopanand is next place for our travelers. This tourism place is having religious values and surrounding is full of scenic beauty. Pawas is having important part in glorious history of Maharashtra.


35 km away from Ganpatipule is one more place where you can visit and make holidays special. The rock-free beach of Velneshwar is famous in state and visitors can attain old Shiva temple. Mahashivaratri is best time for Velneshwar visit. Apart festival you can reach the town between February to March as winter is best weather.

How to reach Ganpatipule?

By Road: Maharashtra roadways are providing proper transport for Ganpatipule from various cities. However, best route is from Kolhapur that is just 150 Kms distance. Chandoli, Amba Ghats, Karnjari, Pali, Hathkumbe, Nivli Phata and then Ganapatipule your destination is reached. Mumbai is also a best spot to start road journey for Ganpatipule. Mumbai is properly linked to International and all national cities.

By Rail: Ganpatipule railway station is connected to some major cities of India. Ratnagiri is closer big station and properly linked to various cities of India. Ratnagiri is another famous Indian tourist place so once you reach here you can enjoy Ratnagiri as well as Ganpatipule that is only 150 km away.

By Air: Mumbai is the closest and biggest air hub for our spot. Mumbai is linked to all major international cities so abroad travelers can also reach the destination without any difficulty. 
Baharampur a calm city of West Bengal situated in a central part. It is the city also known as Brahmapur because majority of families here are Brahmin. Baharampur is 200 km away from Kolkata famous for historical battles. This Indian tourist place is popular and favorite destination for history lovers.

This city was fortified by East India Company in 1757 after big battle of Plassey. City was continued as a cantonment until 1870, though establishment information for the city is still not available. One of the oldest cities of India is Karnasubarna that is near to Berhampur. Few of the historical buildings of 1600s AD can be seen here.

As city is having historical background you will find countless places related to different battles. Covering complete story in this short note will bore you. We are adding important places and the valuable information about the spot so that you will learn why the place is best for your holidays.

Attraction in Baharampur:

We are listing only important destinations for you so that you will not miss any of the major spot in the town.

Nizamat Imam Bara

One of the biggest historical Imambaras of India is first place to visit. As its name suggest Nizamat it was constructed by famous Nawab of Bengal Nazim Mansoor. This complete name was Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah. Structural design of this is Imam bara is amazing and because of its beauty it is placed on first place to visit in the city.

Katra Masjid

Next important spot for visitors in Baharampur is Katra Masjid the most wonderful place of city built by Nawab Murshid Khan. High minarets are key attraction of this Masjid and the best part is place is till calm and full of charm.

Kathgola Palace

Baharampur is the historical place so palaces are also definitely key attraction of the city. Kathgola palace is one of them with 4 floors located at Kathgola Gardens. Beautiful small pond and the Baoli inside palace are amazing and different experience for travelers. This palace well known for valuable paintings, expensive furniture and mirrors crafts.

Char Bangla Temple

A unique temple known as Char Bangla is next place for you. This temple was constructed by Queen Bhavani of Natore in 1755. It is the remarkable tourism attraction of Baharampur.

Hazarduari Palace

Next palace known as Hazarduari is famous spot located at just 10 Km from Berhampur. In early ages this palace was known as Bara Kothi situated in the campus of Fort Nizamat. It was constructed under the ruling period of Nawab Nazim Humayun in the19th century.

Few other attractive spots of city are Hazaduari Palace Museum, Motijheel park, Kiriteshwari temple, Tripoli gate, house of Jagath Seth, Nasipur palace, Jafarganj Cemetery, Mothijheel mosque, yellow mosque and old Cossimbazar. Baharampur is suggested as best Indian tourist place by the experts. 

How to reach Baharampur?

By Air: Closest International Airport is Kolkata located at 190 Km distance. This Airport is properly connected with major international cities like Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Yangon, Dubai and some more. Domestic flights are frequently available from almost all major cities such as Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

By Bus: Bengal roadways are limited with service, though you will find some private taxies and buses from various closer cities of Baharampur.

By Train: Berhampur Railway Station is quite big and properly linked to many cities of India. Trains are available from New Delhi, Mysore, Bangalore, Lucknow, Suri, Siliguri, Asansol, Patna, Dhubri and Gaya.  
Patni Top or Patnitop is the peak tourist destination of India located in Udhampur region of Jammu and Kashmir State. NH 44 is directly connected to Patnitop from various cities of India. Srinagar is just 112 km away from Patnitop. River Chenab is flowing close from the town. Altitude of Patnitop is 2,024 meter popular for trekking, aero sports and skiing events. Because of peak spot winter is always chilled, though best time to visit here is between May to June. Autumn starts in September and winter in December.

It is one of the best Indian tourist places and no less beautiful than any abroad destination. The charming plateau is covered with dense woods forest and lush Pines greenery.

Period to reach Patnitop

Although this tourism spot is 'anytime' location, but best time are summer and autumn. However, if you want to enjoy snow or participate in winter events then reach between December to March.

Adventure Sport


The high altitude and pleasant walks are few demanding event of this place. It is the hill station to start short or longer treks and surrounding areas is covered with peaks as well. One-day walk towards Shiva Garh is amazing that is just 11 km from Patni top at altitude of 3,500 m.

Places To Visit In Patnitop


We will not consider this as top spot to visit, but yes it is one of the amazing destinations of town famous for Snow peaks located at 13 Km distance towards Sanasar. Actual heavy snow and clad peaks are speciality of Nathatop. Here you can experience the environs of State Kashmir close to Jammu. You can hire cab from Patnitop to Natha Top and other nearby tourist spots.

Naga Mandir:

Next place of Patnitop is Naga temple at 2 km distance from city center. It is placed on 2 place of favorite tourist destinations. The Naga means Cobra and Mandir is temple that means it is the temple of snake which is older than 600 years. Nag Panchami is the main festival and hundreds of devotees of Lord Shiva visit the temple at such period.

Kud Park:

Only 4 km from Patnitop placed in 3rd place of best attraction of town. This park is popular for greenery and different variety of flowers. It is top picnic spot also famous for 'Patisa', the sweet item.


Snow covered mountains at winter are allowing visitors for many events and skiing is one of them. Plenty of centers are conducting skiing courses in winter at Patnitop. White sheet spread everywhere is the comment of experts for Patnitop in chilled season. It is the ideal spot for skiing sepcially for those who have no prior experience.


Patnitop itself is favorite Indian tourist place, but the best part is you are getting many other spots nearby to enjoy your vacations. Madhatop is another location at 10 km distance from city center placed on 5th position to visit. The altitude of Madhatop is 2,024 m almost similar to Patnitop easily accessible through road. You can enjoy 5 km steak trek from Patnitop to Madhatop. Book the spot for honeymoon couple as it is famous pristine compared as cheap and best destination.

Sudh Mahadev Temple:

One more important spot at 7 km distance placed on 6th position for attraction in Patnitop. This temple is nearly 80 years old built because of devotee killed accidentally by his trishul.

Few more interesting places of Patnitop listed as Shiva Ghar, Billoo Ki Powri, Nature Walks, Sanasar lake, Baglihar Dam, Sudh Mahadev, etc. Reach this popular Indian tourist place and enjoy your holidays.

How to reach Patnitop?

By Road: State transport is available for Patnitop from Jammu, Katra, Udhampur and many other cities. You can hire taxi from Jammu to reach spot, though it will take 3 ½ hour to reach the spot.

Jammu Tavi is the biggest railway station and properly linked with major cities of India. Satwai airport is a domestic air hub linked with many cities of India. Jammu airport is available as well also known as Jammu Civil Enclave.  

India is the rich country for tourism destinations and visitors from around the world are reaching India’s various spots to make their holidays memorable. Mussoorie is one of the cities of Uttaranchal which is also known as Masuri. The average population of this stunning hill station Mussoorie is not more than 47699.

Of course, India is having loads of hill stations such as Dehradun, Nainital and many more, but Mussoorie is the one hill station where nature has created countless astonishing scenes by itself. Once a tourist reaches this place, they can also attain to other surprising destinations like Dhanaulti, Dehradun and Kalsi, which are again beautiful places with many sightseeing spots.

The biggest railway station to reach the city is Dehradun, which is identified as DDN in railway charts. The station is 1.0 kilometer away from Mussoorie. When we talk about the closest airport people should reach Dehradun as that is the big air network in Uttaranchal.

in Mussoorie visitors can enjoy the parks, Bohra waterfalls and high hills with tea farms. However, the nearby tourist places of Mussoorie are available with ample of spots. Dhanaulti is the place where a tourist can spend lots of time as this place is fully covered with White Mountain. Dhanaulti is also identified as Dhanolti so a tourist must not get confused if they hear about any of the names. Chamba is another nearest tourist place of Dhanolti so reaching this place allow a tourist to enjoy some more spots. Tourist spots in Dhanolti are Chamba, New Tehri, Barehipani and Joranda Falls, Dashavatar Shrine, Chanderi, Deogarh, Jain Temples, Surkanda Devi and Kanatal.

Nearby city Dehradun is also the tourist place situated next to Mussoorie. Anotherhill station with natural beauties and amazing spots allow a tourist to enjoy the tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy Tibetan Temple, Tapkeshawar Temple, Sahastradhara, Laxman Siddh, Chandrabani, Malsi Deer Park, Sai Darbar, Lachhiwala, Robber’s Cave (Guchhupani), Dakpathar, Bhagirathi Resort, Santala Devi Temple, Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort, Tapowan, and Rajaji National Park as tourist spots in Dehradun.

Kalsi is one more destination situated near Mussoorie. This place is special to enjoy the jungle safari, camping, climbing, mountain biking and many other adventures sports.

Attaining Mussoorie:
By Air: The closest airbase to reach Mussoorie is the JGA (Jolly Grant Airport) positioned 24 km distance from Dehradun. Frequent flights are available from various cities of India, especially from Delhi.

By Rail: railway station near Mussoorie is Dehradun, which is just 34 kms away. Frequent rails from DelhiAmritsar, MumbaiVaranasi and many other cities are available to reach Dehradun.

By Road: properly managed roads allow a tourist to reach the Mussoorie with no worries. The direct taxi and buses from diverse cities permit tourist to reach this favorite Indian tourist place without any trouble.